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New character ( not really )

2015-06-06 23:16:06 by CA-Chaos



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2015-06-06 23:55:41

how about making something like animator vs animation but with madness?

CA-Chaos responds:

It is really hard but I think I will try if I have time :D


2015-06-07 00:15:38

Lol badass! Do you just make random madness characters sometimes, thinking about using them in an animation? It's a tough challenge I bet, but you think you could probably do something like that? Whatever your mind could think of; a, on-going plot, episodes, scripts, etc

CA-Chaos responds:

I am going to have a final exam next week, therefore I don't have much time for making animation recently. After the exam I will pulish some results. Anyway, thank you for your advice :D


2015-06-07 03:18:05

Wrong hand LOL

CA-Chaos responds:

: ( Get it√


2015-06-18 12:58:26

Do not move.ha my gui

CA-Chaos responds:

I'm afraid of needles :((


2015-07-06 21:45:35

you and your dota 2 references, great job in your lastest collab, mate, 9/10

CA-Chaos responds:

I'm also glad that I can join your collab 5, it's a big honor for me! Thx for your supports! In different aspects, including saying "Madness" when I was ready for the game. <3